Charles Fraser

Founder and general secretary



Charles was taught by the pioneers of a vision of conscious co-creation at Findhorn eco-village in Scotland how to work towards a conscious co-creation with nature. Charles started Arundel Forest Garden in order to develop models for providing for our basic needs and comforts that do no harm. A small camp grew up in the middle of that edible forest garden where the basic business model for Green Campus was worked out. This was developed in some detail as a business model for film maker James Cameron as 'Na-vi Camp', a fun thematic learning environment in partnership with Gaia Education and their Eco-village Design Curriculum. This evolved into Green Campus. Charles and the Green Campus team have developed the Green Camp System that allows us to 3D print whatever we need from 100% non-toxic bio-materials (from foodwaste), lighter and stronger than steel and in a 100% non-toxic, cradle to cradle product life-cycle that actually sequests carbon and cleans the oceans and landscapes.


Charles developed nano-crystalline atomic resonance coupling devices in his 20s with Marcus Reid and they published a book on The Theory of Asymmetry and Virtual Particles.


March 4, 2021

Here is a report on the first test print of a full scale panel (although devided into quarters) using our prototype "Green Manufacture System"

First Full Scale Prototype Panel

Here is a report on the first test print of a full scale panel (although devided into quarters) using our prototype "Green Manufacture System"
February 24, 2021

Prototype Green Manufacture System Assembly

The Prototype "Green Manufacture System", a massive 3D printer, was too big for the garage at Green Campus Ellanore soo we have made a quick workaround...‍ Here's a timelapse video and summary.
December 21, 2020

Here is the first section of Green News Episode 1 which is made to keep the supporters of The Green Campus Crowdfunding Campaign ( and Green Team starting to develop plans for Green Camps all over the world, this will be published in the community section that will be published soon.

A massive thanks to all the support from everyone. I’m working on some communiques re furnishing everyone with their rewards asap.

Green Campus Monthly Update, Episode 1. Pt. 1

The first of our monthly progress updates covering technical, community and program development with Q&A session.
December 1, 2020

The Green Campus Business model grew out of Arundel Forest Garden where we were trying to work out how to live as harmlessly as possible. Check out this article for links to the original Facebook groups with loads of pics and videos of starting that forest Garden and the first Green Camp in Arundel Forest Garden: Arundel Green Camp

The History of Green Campus

How the business model for Green Campus came out of trying to live in harmony with nature at Arundel Forest Garden.