Green Campus Monthly Update, Episode 1. Pt. 1

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The first of our monthly progress updates covering technical, community and program development with Q&A session.

Founder and general secretary
December 21, 2020
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Green Campus Crowdfunding Campaign Update - Green News - Episode 1, Part 1


Dear supporters of the Green Campus Crowdfunding Campaign

I pray this finds you all in excellent heath, keeping is raw, organic and vegan so you can give your immune systems all they need to function. In functional medicine, there is the maxim: "when the bodie's ability to heal it's self is restored, all sickness is removed". Although their is still a dire need for Mercury free vaccines, I have made THIS PAGE about all of the leading functional medicial groups around the world who have a much higher success rate than even the best hospitals at treating degenerative disease. There are loads of documentary films in there, links to info sources etc - please stay healthy and strong so we can grow vegan Edens all over the world.

May I continue to offer my thanks for your support of Green Campus Ltd. in so generously donating to our crowdfunding campaign! Thank you so much, you have really given us what we need to continue.

I have created a video update that explains how we are continuing our fundrasing efforts as we did not raise the money we need to build the large format industral 3D printers that we have designed so please watch the video to learn about our monthly Build Parties, Reforestation Festivals and other fundraising intiatives that we are running: spre-selling nights stay at Green Camps, selling organic Green Campus apparel and other items on the crowdfunding page and soon to be, the Green Store!

While we keep raising funds to build the industrial 3D printers, in the mean time I have taken out a loan from the UK government and with it I have purchased a very affordable large format 3D printer from China that will allow us to print our first prototype structures. These printers can print a panel in 2 days each! One panel in 2 days is a long way off the one panel in two hours that the 3D printer we are raising money to build will allow us to create, but it's a start!

Please watch the first half of Green News Episode 1 which is now ready for broadcast which includes a summary update section and technical update section:

We will be sending out part 2 which includes a 'Community Section' introducing incredible new team members who have come forwards to help Green Campus and a 'Green Camps Around The World' section which introduces the 15+ communities that have come forwards with beautiful peices of land for Green Campuses all over the world.

None of this would be possible with out your support and believing so sincerely, thank you. I pray we can work together to create a franchiasable model that recenerates, consciosuness, community, environment and co-operative economiesin order to be as expedient to the service of all life as we can be, and therefore each of our communities, families and of course ourselves.

Yours sincerely,


Charles Fraser

Green Campus Founder & General Secretary

Founder and general secretary
Charles is the founder, lead designer and CEO of Green Campus working on systems that provide for all of our needs in a regenerative way.
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