Charles Fraser

Founder and Secretary

Charles has been exploring universally symbiotic ways to provide for our needs for about 15 years now. With this goal of providing for our needs in a way that supports all other forms of life, or at least doesn't hurt them (keeping the five precepts) Charles co-founded Arundel Forest Garden. Within this food forest, grown out of necessity from following these precepts for harmlessness, grew a little camp where Charles studied techniques of working in conscious co-creation with nature and her intelligences. Nature is always working to return to a forest and so rather than fighting against her, the camp saught to work with this process and strengthen those aspects of the forest that supply food, resources, bio-diversity and thus bio-security. The basic model of Green Campus has emerged out of what was needed to look after that forest: a community of people who share in the values and therefore value they create.


Arundel Green Camp became a profitable model when the camp was offered up as a space for regenerative programs that cultivated ecological literacy, learning practically from working in co-creation with nature, deepening the connection of the community to the land whilst making it ever more beautiful. The practical educational programs were "subsidised" by affordable vegan accommodation that made the camp and forest garden a regenerator of consciousness, community, environment and co-operative economies.

Charles was invited by team member Reuben Langdon to develop an educational camp concept for James Cameron and the film makers of Avatar, where Na'vi Camp went through a concept phase that was approved for further development then a business planning phase that exceeded the bandwidth / scope of the film makers and probably limited the scope of what our campuses could be by tying the thematic too closely to the Avatar franchise. The formulation of the model was a useful process however and helped to mature the team, business model and concept. From the Na'vi Camp model, Green Campus was born.

However The Norfolk Estate did not want an organic vegan camp to continue to grow on their inorganic and blood sport heavy land land and so the camp was closed down quite sadly. Charles has designed the Green Camp system from 100% non-toxic materials that he has spent years developing with the rest of the team, so that new Green Campuses can be set up very quickly and easily as off grid deployments with a suite of regenerative programs that deliver on the four returns to regenerate consciousness, community, environment and co-operative economies. It is a long held aspiration of Charles that service men and women would be trained in the deployment of the Green Camp system to regenerate areas in need, such as at refugee camps and thus regenerate these broken places and prevent migration and further eco-system collapse which will drive much of the migration that is yet to come. Not to mention, the deployment of Green Camps into nature to provide places where people can learn the Dhamma (consciousness regeneration programs) is a highly a valuable opportunity that some of the world's most powerful and well attained beings that make up this community share our demand for.

The eviction of Arundel Green Camp has also lead to the development of The Green Campus business model where the community invest in the rental or purchase of land and become thus become proportionally represented voting shareholders thereof, keeping the vegan five precepts for harmlessness and protecting the land from any one shareholder from being able to break the connection between the community and the land / nature that we are entirely dependant on. Furthermore if investors are unable to invest financially we have developed a model that share options can be earned for delivering on the four returns: cultivating consciousness (organising and attending meditation events), community (organising and helping at programs that introduce new members), environment (helping out in the food forest and starting new ecological programs) and co-operative circular economies (introducing new investors and green business plans).

Charles is working earnestly to create a platform where beings can practice the Dhamma, to cultivate their concentration such that they can recognise the basic space in which their mind arises and to let go of the ideas (of self) and rest in that awareness, that infinite love. Recognising that we are the awareness that the mind arises within and that we are not the mind arising within the awareness is a transformative process that releases a being from fear into a deep love and peace that also frees one from the behaviours of fear that have gotten us in such a muddle. For when we realise this, compassion is all that remains and when we organise ourselves around precepts of compassion, being unwilling to harm one's self or others, we arrive at solutions that have huge efficiencies and appeal and are thus vastly competitively advantageous.

However once we have all been studying and practicing the Dhamma with amazing teachers like Master Ching Hai and Burgs and we have removed at the root any desire to cause suffering, as a society it is incredibly hard to consume anything that is not involved in a product life-cycle that causes unconscionable harm to countless beings. Green Campus then seeks to be a platform that explores and celebrates ways that we can indeed provide for our needs in this far more desirable and valuable way, : that harms none. However it should be noted again that there is no point in bringing a horse to water if it can't drink and this regeneration of consciousness, the realisation of the Dhamma is necessary for beings to have the kind of mind that is willing or able to conduct it's self in a way that is necessary for the fulfilment of our goals of setting examples universal symbiosis. Thus the practice and delivery of Dhamma programs is a principle function and requisite of the campus; our success of the campus arises with it's member's realising this fact or there is not much in the way of self sustainability, it would have to be enforced which is necessary where there is not this realisation but fortunately quite unnecessary the more that there is.

Charles is working to follow in the scientific footsteps of his Great Grandfather, Charles Lyell, who published the works of Darwin and Wallace as well as his own works on Geology among which our Theories of Natural Selection arose respectively. Lyell and his contemporaries nurtured and organised thought around the idea of what was then dubbed 'uniformitarianism', which is now often referred to as Grand Unified Theory: the idea that one set of laws govern all phenomena, whose realisation was Einstein's goal, just as of course, the truth, is the hoped espousement of the ancient wisdom traditions of the world, from which our civilisations arise, or not...

Charles Fraser published a book, Virtual Photons in Electro-magnetism, a universally unpopular but incredibly sound theory that provides a heretofore absent physical definition of energy. The conclusions of Quantum Mechanics and those of Buddhist cosmology broadly speaking can shake hands. Charles is now hoping to run programs that create an ecological, physical and experiential foundation that this common ground can be shared and the logical compassion that results from these conclusions, built upon.

Green Campus seeks to cultivate this basic ecological literacy, yet we hope to do so not only through the theory, but also through providing an experience of a practical working example that provides for all of our needs with honour and respect for all life (Ahimsa), these self serving conclusions that arise from this "ecological literacy". We are doing this by setting an example of how much more desirable living like this is and offering a worker owned franchise so others can profit from doing so too

We manufacture, via a state of the art 100% non-toxic bio-composite 3D printing system we have developed, and deploy our Green Camp System to provide "Off-grid Popup Palaces" that provide a Hotel model (core business model) that doesn't need planning permission and a thus a beautiful platform in nature to host our regenerative programs upon:  vegan permaculture, The Eco-village Design Curriculum, Dhamma retreats, food forest design and all the other programs you need to co-design and dance vegan Edens into form with the local worker shareholders, the other community members.  These Green Camps and larger Green Campuses serve then as a regenerative asset whose programs generate further regenerative assets. We are working to create an equation wherein people earn shares (options) in lands they help to regenerate (delivering on the four returns) and can therefore hand something respectable down to the future generations.

Our other work then, is with policy, providing scientific evidence for the most relevant solutions to our most intractable problems (, all of which are solved through this compassion, particularly with regard for how we sustain ourselves, with food: lobbying for implementation of macro-level legal frameworks for for true cost social and ecological auditing and 'fee and dividend' taxation systems that tax the socially and environmentally destructive practices and give relief to the socially and environmentally regenerative products and services, particularly within the context of Brexit.



Martin Jensen

Chief Technology Officer

Martin and his team used to work at Siemens Wind power designing and building the world's largest wind turbines. They realised that although they were working to save the planet by making clean energy from wind, the massive turbine blades that they were building were made of highly toxic materials that could not be recycled, that were produced and manufactured using materials and processes that harmed the worker and environment. Martin then went back to the drawing board and developed new thermoplastic materials and has been working with global brands (Nike, IKEA, H&M, NASA and others) developing new product streams.

The 100% non-toxic, 100% plant-based thermoplastic resin Martin has developed can replace toxic epoxy resins and when combined with natural fibre re-enforcement, it can replace toxic composites 1 for 1.

Martin has been supporting Green Campus' work with The National Composite Center, The UK National Lab (that has been matching Green Campus' research budget) to conduct tests on the materials so that we can develop material property data sheets that tell us exactly how the materials behave. We have also been working together to develop manufacturing pipelines suitable for our manufacturing needs and so that this technology can be democratically adopted.


Chemical Engineer
Siemens Wind Power
2011 – Sep 2016
Global responsible for qualification and curing of resin systems. Development of analyticalmethods for laboratory and/or daily production use. Global responsible for qualification of glassfabrics.

Adjungated Associate Professor
Aalborg University
2016 – Present

Post. Doc
Aalborg Univeristy
Sep 2011 – Oct 2011
Synthesis of inorganic membranes for desalination of sea water



Robin Collings

Creative Director

Robin has been nurturing Green Campus over the years helping to direct development so that Green Campus could be a part of the hugely creative world of inclusive festivals. Robin and his team are invited around the world to design the most innovative thematic environments for the worlds most demanding artists and audiences. We are incredibly lucky to have Robin to help show us the ropes of rapid deployment and enjoyment of modular temporary structures so that we can deploy the Green Campuses where they can do the most good and have the best time, not least of all, for artist liaison areas at Glastonbury and the other festivals Robin is a producer for.


Boomtown Festival

Glastonbury Festival
Jan 2008 – Present

Director of Live Operations and Programme
London Pleasure Gardens
“…an unfolding story of extraordinary people, avant-garde art, open-air music, spectacular shows, artisan foods, exotic architecture and inexhaustible entertainments for the Olympic period and beyond…”

Executive Director
Future Tents and Events
Jan 2009 – Aug 2012
Specialising in designing and manufacturing mobile and pop-up architecture.
The 30m Dome, The World's biggest touring dome by Future Tents

Bassline Circus
Sep 2003 – Jan 2011
Touring mid-scale venues and festivals



Sean Singleton

Manufacture Partners

Sean and his team at Nautech Composites joined the Green Campus team in 2017 and have been supporting prototyping and general introduction of the bio-materials to the marine and composites industry they are leaders in. Sean has been introducing invaluable composite manufacturing experience to Green Campus.

Together with the wider team members we have developed a technique for manufacturing the Spaceplates for the Green Camp System that just needs very basic tools, some wood and a table, casting the panels from 80% bio-based materials. We are working to install the fully automated robotic arm 3D printing bio-composite manufacture system at Nautech's HQ in Itchenor near Green Campus Ellanore where the first structures be set up.


Managing Director
NauTech Composites Ltd
2018 – Present

BMG Marine Ltd
2008 – Present
Pattern, tooling & moulding manufacturing, from high performance craft to production mouldings.

Bare Marine

Royal Motor Yacht Club



Sinesh Shah

Chief Financial Officer

Sinesh joined the Green Campus team in 2017, turning the basic financial projections that had been drawn up thus far into a highly sophisticated financial model that could simulate various scenarios in order to help Green Campus organise it's business model and finance targets. Accomplished results driven, transaction and finance professional with extensive experience across a variety of sectors including Education, Primary Health, Renewable Energy and Property across the UK and Europe and other OECD countries. Proven track record of origination, project and finance delivery and asset management to drive significant revenue and growth.

A strong leader with Board Director and Investment Committee experience of resolving commercial issues and approving investment decisions. Adept at implementing and managing business functions from accounting, finance, treasury and tax, legal and compliance and technical. Entrepreneurial in approach building strong consortium and advisory teams with success in raising and managing over £3 billion of equity and debt finance.



Chief Financial Officer
LocationNorth England
Responsible for Finance & Accounting, IT and HR functions and teams.
Main Board Director actively managing operational and business functions, implementing newsystems, raising capital, executing acquisitions and disposals.

PRE FC Limited
LocationHarpenden, Hertfordshire
Project Finance Consultancy (Infrastructure and Real Estate) specialising in raising debt/equitycapital and assembling teams for Mergers and Acquisitions, Business Expansion and CorporateRestructuring or Refinancing.

Mill Group
May 2018 – Present

Investment Director
Amber Infrastructure Limited
2012 – Mar 2018
Operational responsibility of the UK education portfolio consisting of 50 PFI assets.
Senior management and board representation on 50% of the portfolio with a total value of £100m+. Managing a finance function of 3 qualified project accountants and 3 general managers
Commercial Director
Company Name
Sir Robert McAlpine
2010 – Aug 2012
Legal and finance lead for the King Edward VII Hospital (Bermuda) – Winner of PartnershipBulletin Project Finance Deal of the Year 2011.
Board responsibility for 2 PPP projects with direct reports of general managers and finance in the UK and Bermuda

International Investment Manager
Westmont Hospitality Group
Sep 2009 – Feb 2010
Financial Controller of 2 Bermuda funds with European and Canadian investments
Responsibility for the worldwide finance and accounting functions based in Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Mauritius, India, Japan, South Africa, Morocco, British Virgin Islands, Curacao and Canada

Head of Finance
Fujitsu Services
Mar 2009 – Sep 2009
Lead for public and private sector opportunities across Europe, TCV £100m+
Successful outcomes for 3 opportunities of £400m+ (MOD, DWP, Telefonica)
Transformed investment committee decision making to ensure economic viability and increase confidence in the ability to deliver forecast profits of all new business opportunities.

Transaction & Project Finance Manager
Balfour Beatty Investments
Feb 2005 – Feb 2009
PPP/PFI transactions executed:
Health – executed 2006 - 2007 – total bond financing (£1.3bn bond financing)
Street Lighting - 2007 (£30m bank financing)
Regulated Acquisition (Water) – 2007 (£383m)
Airport Acquisition – 2008 (£14m)
Achieved financial close on the QE 2 Hospital Project, Birmingham within 6 months after the original funders retracted, receiving £93m into the company in time for half year results.
Successfully reduced capital costs to mitigate against budgetary constraints ensuring delivery of £32m of finance for the Derby City Street Lighting Project.

Group Financial Controller
Savoy Hotel Group
Jun 2002 – Jan 2005
Management of Group finance function, including central overhead departments, group payroll, group pension scheme, all consolidation of management accounts, management reporting, statutory reporting, tax, treasury, banking, loans documents compliance and administration
Company Secretarial Duties
Disposal of The Lygon Arms Hotel, Worcestershire (£17m)
Disposal of the Savoy Group of Hotels (£750m)
Group re-financing (£375m)
Disposal of The Savoy Hotel to Fairmont Hotels (£250m)
Management and cost control of major Capital Expenditure Projects (£20m – £40m)
Involved in the introduction of Gordon Ramsay outlets within the group and in the review of the operational contracts and agreements pre signature stage




Harry Bayntun

Harry works setting up deals with some of the world's largest energy producers, mobilising finance deals between the Governments and banks so that the energy that underpins a lot of what price regulation depends upon. Harry has been helping to finance deals with Sean at Nautech, manufacturing the revolutionary Rafnar Hull that reduces wave impacts by up to 94%.

Harry was educated as a product designer and has designed various Green products, such a large scale worm farm and other products that we are exploring manufacture using our automated bio-composite manufacture system.



Karl Yin

Karl has developed a for profit school model that provides free education. This model is running very profitably. Karl is working with Green Campus to cultivate ecological literacy in the world, specifically introducing the findings of the scientific environmental and health organisations to the UK national curriculum for students of all ages, including medical professionals. Karl is also supporting our work to establish fee and dividend taxation framework, whereby legal mandatory social and environmental audits would have to be carried out by businesses using true cost accounting techniques in order to tax socially and environmentally destructive business and provide relief and dividends to socially and environmentally regenerative businesses.


HIK Education Group
Vice ChairmanChina

University of Buckingham
International Advisory Board
United Kingdom

Executive Chairman
Eurus Consultancy
Beijing City, China

Founder and CEO
Forte Education Consultancy

United Kingdom

Executive Chairman
Eurus Consultancy
Beijing City, China

Founder and CEO
Forte Education Consultancy

United Kingdom

Executive Chairman
Eurus Consultancy
Beijing City, China

Founder and CEO
Forte Education Consultancy

Founder and Chairman of Governors of The HIKSVS International School
Chairman of Governors
HIKSVS International School

Alpari (UK) Ltd


Randy Powell

Senior Researcher at the Vortex Based MathematicsProject, Co-founder/In-structor at Dojo Body/Mind and Co-founder/Creator of Luna’s Living Kitchen.Randy Powell is a lifelong martial arts competitor and enthusiast (, musician (, scholar of philosophy, ancient cultureand religion (VCU undergraduate,UVA Graduate student), mathematical savantwho produced one of the most controversial talks in TEDx history, and organic,plant-based restaurateur ( Randy has dedicated his life topersonal and inter-personal methods of cultivation and evolution. He has trainedunder some of the finest instructors and lineages the world has to offer in both themartial arts, liberal arts, mathematics and science and he firmly believes that a true

warrior must be a scholar. Randy has traveled the world presenting to audiences of all types on hiswork with mathematics and alternative energy systems and through the Vortex Based MathematicsProject sparked an online open-source energy quest with participants and viewers in the hundreds ofthousands.



Joey Cacciatore

Joey is a real estate developer based in Chicago where he has set up various large scale incubator office developments that nurture creative businesses with a social and environmental heart. Joey turns some of the largest buildings ever built, old factories into thriving centres of community. He is now exploring residential models for university students that build community.

Joey is a serious Dhamma baba who is 'down with Green Campus for life'; is particularly interested to support the delivery of Green Campus Dhamma Programs and little Green Campuses in University Settings in the USA and around the world.



May East

Chief International Officer, Gaia Education

May East is the Chief International Officer of Gaia Education, an international organisation active in 54 countries on six continents, with a 13-year track record in education for sustainable development and with more than 17,000 graduates around the world and 146 partner organisations.

May originally started supporting Green Camp when it was pitched to James Cameron and the producers of Avatar as Na'vi Camp, a thematic learning environment where we hoped to deliver Gaia Education's Eco-village Design Curriculum to new demographics by bringing it to them through the Avatar Thematic. Ultimately we found that the Navi theme would be limiting and Green Camp (Green Campus) was born operating out of Arundel Forest Garden.

Gaia Education’s programmes equip students of all ages and cultural backgrounds with the appropriate knowledge, skills and critical thinking tools necessary to design a society which uses energy and resources with greater efficiency, distributes wealth equitably, and makes quality of life the focus of future thinking. Our learners become change agents capable of playing active roles in transitioning their existing communities, neighbourhoods, cities and regions to sustainable and regenerative practices, lifestyles and infrastructures.

May has trained up some of the team members as trainers of trainers so that Green Campus is certified to host it's own eco-village design curriculums in partnership with Gaia Education. May's vast experience and knowledge in the field of sustainability remain a huge support to Green Campus and our efforts.


May is a sustainability practitioner, educator and designer. Based at the UN Habitat Best Practice Designation, Findhorn Ecovillage, since 1992, May has been leading a whole generation of sustainability educators delivering capacity building activities in 48 countries  in both urban and rural contexts and in different stages of development. Awarded one of the 100 Global Sustainability Leaders three years in a row, she has a diploma in Climate Change Diplomacy and an MSc in Spatial Planning with specialisation in the rehabilitation of Ghost Towns.


Reuben Langdon

Original team

Reuben Langdon is a Los Angeles-based Actor/Producer/Activist/Truth Seeker. At a young age Reuben began his career in Japan as a series regular acting in theJapanese superhero TV series B- Fighter Kabuto. Helater relocated to Hong Kong to work alongside the mostrecognizable names in action, including Jackie Chan andSammo Hung. Eventually he made his way to Hollywoodand worked regularly as an actor and stuntman on theinternational hit show The Power Rangers and James

Cameron’s, Avatar. In addition to stunt doubling the main character, “JakeSully.” Reuben performed many of the stunts and movements for a numberof characters in the film. Complimenting his success in the world of film andtelevision, in 2001 he Co-created Just Cause Entertainment. ( An international production company producing digital contentfor video games and films. Thier most notable work is the Resident Eviland Devil May Cry franchises from Capcom. In April/May of 2013 Reubenproduced “The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure” ( a5-day mock Congressional Hearing on the UFO/Extraterrestrial topic. In recent years he has turned his noted career as an actor and producer of filmsand video games to producing and directing spiritual and conscious raisingtransformational projects.


Reuben, Mark and Charles formed Foundation For Common Good 501(c)(3) together, a not for profit whose tax exempt status has nurtered Green Campus into being. Back when Charles was living in Arundel Forest Garden, trying to live as harmlessly as possible, he met Reuben through team member Randy Powell who'se theories about the structure of the vacuum Charles was testing so he could make clean energy in the forest that did not hurt the insects like the fires do!

Randy and Charles set out to LA at the same time to test resonant circuitry and Randy introduced Charles to Reuben who was also making a TV show to test the many claims on the internet about super efficient resonant circuits and other over-unity energy claims. Charles, Reuben and Mark later founded The Foundation For Common Good 501(c)(3) to serve as the not-for profit structure that was to support Reuben's TV Show: Ultimate Energy Showdown: a kind of Dragons Den where the different free energy devices/claims are tested in-front of a panel of scientists who can test the devices.

The show never made it off the ground but Reuben, Randy and Charles worked with team member May East from Gaia Education, using the foundation to create Na'vi Camp, a concept for a thematic ecological educational environment based on James Cameron's Avatar that was to be launched alongside the franchises next few films. The three drew up The Na'vi Camp Concept Paper for James which he responded very positively to and referred it to his business partner and franchise co-owner, John Landau. Landau asked for a business plan and so Charles spent the next 5 months in New York Public Library and The Brittish Art Library drawing up a 60 page business plan with full team and financial model that could deliver the first few Na'vi Camps with amazing thematic programs that would serve to deliver the four returns for the communities that they were located in. Landau rejected the business plans and asked for licensing if we were to use the franchise name. Both Landau and Cameron suggested it might be better to use another name as the Na'vi theme may be limiting.

Thus Green Camp was born and Arundel Green Camp was set up and the first programs, Vegan Permacture and many other programs started to be delivered. Many of these programs were un-profitable and it was only when the camp that had been built up in Arundel Forest Garden started to be rented out that things became profitable.

Reuben has supported Charles through it all and remains available to lend his advice and we hope one day that Reuben will be hosting programs at Green Camps just as we planned with Na'vi Camp. See the images below.


Mark Galvin

World Preservation Foundation, whose objective is to collect and present the most pertinent and compelling scientific studies and reports, clearly showing how animal agriculture (meat, fish and dairy) is not only the leading cause of climate change, biodiversity loss, food and water security, but through adopting a plant-based organic food system all of these urgent issues can be halted and reversed.

WPF has a new campaign which is raising funds from vegan restaurants who join the campaign, donating $0.15 from each plate of food sold towards the campaigns reforestation projects. WPF and Green Campus are exploring options to deploy Green Campuses so that Vegan permaculture can be taught to communities to design agro-forestry systems and then harvest and manage them as the most bio-diverse and therefore bio-secure and over-yielding food and materials production yet known. WPFs reports and intelligence are the best of their kind as they are the easiest to consume such vast ammounts of the most statistically relevant data with regards to the what is the most expedient solutions to keep us all alive.

Mark is also distributor of Vegan analog meat and dairy products in Wholefoods and mainstream food outlets.

Mark is also global distributor for Hippocrates Health Institute with whom Green Campus has long hoped to develop remedial nutrition programs for degenerative disease.



Tony Chignel

Tony assisted Green Campus in first winning the deal with Martin to start running tests with his bio-resin. Composite manufacture has a very steep learning curve and Tony patiently took Green Campus on and supported the development of testing with the bio-materials. Without Tony's experience and support Green Campus could not have won that opportunity. Tony was working with Green Marine at the time, another market leader of composite manufacturing with whom we were partnered who sadly went bust. Then Tony introduced the project to Simon Rogers at Rogers Advanced Composites who helped move the project forwards again. We hope to work with Tony again in the future once we have our Automated Bio-composite Manufacture System further down the line.


Experienced composites specialist with a proven track record in engineering, management and manufacture of over 100 advanced composite structures including military and rescue boats, America’s cup yachts, super yachts, wind turbines, underwater energy devices, architectural structures and industrial components. Skills and expertise include.

• Leadership and management of composite structural engineering teams
• Project management of composite structural engineering and manufacturing projects
• Technical sales and business development related to advanced composite structures
• Creation of practical structural concepts for large and small scale components
• Detailed analysis of composite structures including first principles stress analysis through to finite element analysis
• Expert user of Nastran/Patran in composite structural analysis
• Broad understanding of composite construction technologies ranging from polyester wet lay up through to epoxy prepreg
• Preparation of detailed construction drawings using AutoCAD and Rhino
• Preparation of concise accurate technical reports

Past Experience:

Head of Composite Engineering
Green Marine
Oct 2011 – Oct 2017

Composites Engineering Manager
Gurit UK
2007 – Oct 2011

Composites Engineering Manager
SP Australia
2005 – Jan 2007


Simon Rogers

Simon is an expert naval engineer, specifically in the world of composites. Simon's Carbon Ocean 82- S/Y Aegir (pictures in Simon's member page) won the prestigious International Superyacht Society’s ‘Best Sail 24m-40m’ Design award, considered as the Oscars of the marine industry.

Simon now directs companies Windship Technology working to create composite sails for supertankers (pictures on Simon's member page), requiring 60 tonnes of composites each vessel, sails that provide savings of 30% of fuel costs! Simon was interested to make these sails from our bio-composites and has been supporting research and development.


Simon helped develop early prototypes of the 80% bio-based transparent panels and with Dave Monks at his company, Rogers Advanced Composites. They helped to design a very simple system for fabricating those transparent panels using simplewooden moulds (now we are using 3D printed tool parts). Simon attended various meetings with Tony and The National Composites Centre as we designed and ran experiments on Martin's Bio-composites and thus both are contributor to and shareholder in our Automated Bio-composite Manufacture System.

Hopefully one day we can indeed make the composite cladding for the sails of Windship Technology's sails. Each of those vessels creates as much pollution as a million cars each day! Watch the video above for more information.