Our team is everything. We are so lucky to have people who are leaders in their respective fields, all of whom are dedicated to creating kind, vegan, healthier, best in class alternatives for people to enjoy.

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Charles FraserFounder and general secretary

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Charles was taught by the pioneers of a vision of conscious co-creation at Findhorn eco-village in Scotland how to work towards a conscious co-creation with nature. Charles started Arundel Forest Garden in order to develop models for providing for our basic needs and comforts that do no harm. A small camp grew up in the middle of that edible forest garden where the basic business model for Green Campus was worked out. This was developed in some detail as a business model for film maker James Cameron as 'Na-vi Camp', a fun thematic learning environment in partnership with Gaia Education and their Eco-village Design Curriculum. This evolved into Green Campus. Charles and the Green Campus team have developed the Green Camp System that allows us to 3D print whatever we need from 100% non-toxic bio-materials (from foodwaste), lighter and stronger than steel and in a 100% non-toxic, cradle to cradle product life-cycle that actually sequests carbon and cleans the oceans and landscapes.

Martin JensenChief Technology Officer

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Martin and his team used to work at Siemens Wind power designing and building the world's largest wind turbines. They realised that although they were working to save the planet by making clean energy from wind, the massive turbine blades that they were building were made of highly toxic materials that could not be recycled, that were produced and manufactured using materials and processes that harmed the worker and environment. Martin then went back to the drawing board and developed new thermoplastic materials and has been working with global brands (Nike, IKEA, H&M, NASA and others) developing new product streams.

The 100% non-toxic, 100% plant-based thermoplastic resin Martin has developed can replace toxic epoxy resins and when combined with natural fibre re-enforcement, it can replace toxic composites 1 for 1.

Martin has been supporting Green Campus' work with The National Composite Center, The UK National Lab (that has been matching Green Campus' research budget) to conduct tests on the materials so that we can develop material property data sheets that tell us exactly how the materials behave. We have also been working together to develop manufacturing pipelines suitable for our manufacturing needs and so that this technology can be democratically adopted.

Molly ElsdonVegan Yoga Program Director

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Hi, I’m Molly! I started working with Green Campus at the beginning of the year and I am incredibly excited to start offering beautiful events here. I’m a full-time animal rights activist and yoga teacher trying to make the world a better place by bringing both of these passions of mine together. I strongly believe that living an ethical vegan lifestyle guided by the principles of yoga philosophy is the greatest way for us to make a difference to our lives, and the lives of every being around us.

I am in awe of the work Green Campus is doing to create vegan eco-camps across the world and I couldn’t imagine a more perfect place to connect back in with nature, ourselves, and others. I can’t wait for us to come together soon to practice yoga, meditate, chant, dance, plant trees, share stories, bond over delicious vegan BBQ’s, and enjoy all of the wonderful things nature has to offer. Let’s change the world!

Robin CollingsCreative Director

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Robin has been nurturing Green Campus over the years helping to direct development so that Green Campus could be a part of the hugely creative world of inclusive festivals. Robin and his team are invited around the world to design the most innovative thematic environments for the worlds most demanding artists and audiences. We are incredibly lucky to have Robin to help show us the ropes of rapid deployment and enjoyment of modular temporary structures so that we can deploy the Green Campuses where they can do the most good and have the best time, not least of all, for artist liaison areas at Glastonbury and the other festivals Robin is a producer for.

Sean SingletonBuild Partner

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Sean and his team have been supporting with the construction of prototypes, introduction of the bio-materials and 3D printing technology to the marine and composites industry. We are working to set up manufacture together at their HQ at Northshore Boatyard in Itchenor Harbour.

Together with the wider team members we have developed a technique for manufacturing the Spaceplates for the Green Camp System that just needs very basic tools, some wood and a table, casting the panels from 80% bio-based materials. We are working to install the fully automated robotic arm 3D printing bio-composite manufacture system at Nautech's HQ in Itchenor near Green Campus Ellanore where the first structures be set up.

Sinesh ShahChief Financial Officer

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Sinesh joined the Green Campus team in 2017, turning the basic financial projections that had been drawn up thus far into a highly sophisticated financial model that could simulate various scenarios in order to help Green Campus organise it's business model and finance targets. Accomplished results driven, transaction and finance professional with extensive experience across a variety of sectors including Education, Primary Health, Renewable Energy and Property across the UK and Europe and other OECD countries. Proven track record of origination, project and finance delivery and asset management to drive significant revenue and growth.

A strong leader with Board Director and Investment Committee experience of resolving commercial issues and approving investment decisions. Adept at implementing and managing business functions from accounting, finance, treasury and tax, legal and compliance and technical. Entrepreneurial in approach building strong consortium and advisory teams with success in raising and managing over £3 billion of equity and debt finance.

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Our team is everything. We are so lucky to have people who are leaders in their respective fields, all of whom are dedicated to creting kind, vegan, healthier, best in class alternatives for people to enjoy.

Click the green buttons to have a look on each team members profile page where you will find links to their companies, social media links, blog-posts and more.

Alex RogersGreen Camp Weekend Co-director (pls)

Alex has been coaching in the health & fitness world with 10+ years experience. Her approach encompasses physical and psychological fitness for total health optimisation. She specialises in Yin Yoga, a deeply healing & nurturing practise which is based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory (TCM) & Buddhism.

Elizabeth BentinkGreen Camp Weekend Program Co-production

Elizabeth is working part time with 'authentic' Chefs in London which affords her time for her own cleaning company and her passion for meditation and personal wellbeing. We are very lucky to have her skills on the Green Camp Weekend team!

Phil DragashDirector - Root and Twig Ltd

Phil is the Director and founder of a Root and twig Ltd which is acting as the studio to continue his incredible full production audiobooks.

Martin CrawfordFounder - Agroforestry Research Trust

Martin Crawford is a British author who is the founder and director of the Agroforestry Research Trust.

Bruno ColucciVegan Yoga Weekend Co-Director

Bruno is an actor, musician, activist and disciplined spiritual practicioner who with his partner and Co-Director Molly, is leading the Vegan Yoga Weekends.

Valentina ZajecEvent Production

Working in production in the communication, social media management, press management and event organisation arenas.

Jonathan LewisVegan Fitness Program Leader

healh professional specialising in breathing and movement practices, physical conditioning, massage and end-stage rehabilitation. Jonathan encourages his clients to view their physical training, recovery and rehabilitation from a wider perspective.

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We are very grateful to have had and continue to have the guidance, direction and support of our advisors who we hope to continue working with and towards.

Misha TeasdaleReforest Fest Program Director

Delivering Restoration Weekend & Festival in partnership with GreenPop's CEO Misha who is training up the UK team in how to deliver their incredible Reforest Festivals

Sabina SkalaVegan Fitness Program Director

I am hugely passionate about transferring the gym training into outdoors or various sports, and thus helping people/athletes to achieve the maximum of their potential, teach them how to move effectively and stay injury free.

Mark GalvinCEO - World Preservation Foundation

CEO of and Vegusto vegan meat alternatives.

Heather AndersonYoga Teacher Training Program Director

Seven years ago she opened a hot yoga studio in Barcelona called Yogalinda and has been teaching 5 teacher trainings a year for over 5 years.

green team

We are very grateful to have had the support and help of the follow old team members who are still in orbit of related bodies, watching over us no doubt.

Tony ChignelBio-composite development

Tony assisted Green Campus in first winning the deal with Martin to start running tests with his bio-resin.

Simon RogersRogers Advanced Composites

Simon is an expert naval engineer, specifically in the world of composites and he has been very supportive of the development our bio-composites and manufacture.

Reuben LangdonOriginal team

Reuben, Mark and Charles formed Foundation For Common Good 501(c)(3) together, a not for profit whose tax exempt status has nurtured Green Campus into being.