The World Stage / Restoration Festival Online | Virtual Fundraising Concerts for The UN's Decade on Restoration

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We are building a test stage in Unreal, building/calibrating and testing on the volumetric capture stage for proof of concept, working on content with composer Crispin Ward, Vertuoso Piers Adams and other, towards a presentation that will hopefully allow us to finance the project through tokenising the restoration projects as validated offsets on a very special network.

Founder and general secretary
October 15, 2021
Delivering Restoration Weekend & Festival in partnership with GreenPop's CEO Misha who is training up the UK team in how to deliver their incredible Reforest Festivals
Robin is a producer of Glastonbury, Boom Town Fair and now Lost Horizons online festivals. We are very lucky to have him supporting development of both real world and online restoration festival.

Hi friends and family and family friends: Here are the headlines:

A first itteration of a virtual stage, a UFO that flies around a streamed in Planet Earth (thanks to Cesium) is built on Unreal.

Work developing the volumetric capture stage has great support from EF-Eve and their Creator app developer Alekas. Their focus is no longer on 'The First Live Holographic Streaming Service' so I'm trying to strategise with them:

Presentation to the Improbable Games ready regarding working on a funding mechanism that revolves around developing on a very special new networking technology.

We are working on proof of concept content with the most amazing artists: Dance Choreographer Madeleine Fairmeiner, Composer Crispin Ward, Vertuoso Piers Adams and Luke Oldfield 💚

We are working on something very magical: Think of The Physics of Nicola Tesla's Utron Accumulator: accumulating energy in these universally harmonic, resonant cavities, (think Pyramids) we accululate gravity (think about it...) mixed with Douglas Adams and other Hitchhikers Guiding the Galaxy in fun but beautiful choirs and a little bit of the mythology of Pan in a sincere effort to harmonise with mother nature and hopefully generate a lot of energy to serve her: + I hope and dream those Pan Piping dances accross our virtual stage can bring to life the Google Brain synthetic silvaculture animations. This is covered in our concept papers with transparent financial models. The most recent presentations are not online but our penultimate concept papers are on the Restoration Festival Development Portal Page until we have the buy in from the the people involved in the next step which we hope we can publish once that next step is taken. Fill out the questionaire to get your invitation and stand for a chance to win a free ticket!

Founder and general secretary
Charles is the founder, lead designer and CEO of Green Campus working on systems that provide for all of our needs in a regenerative way.
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