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UN Decade on Restoration endorsed project to deliver persistent online festival to raise funds for The UN Decade on Restoration, ecosystem restoration projects. The World's best loved artists in fun, thematic, social, learning environments.

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A project with The United Nations Decade on Restoration, Foundation For Common Good 501(c)(3), Green Pop Foundation (an official implimentation partner of The United Nations Decade on Restoration), Glastonbury Festival Producer Robin Collings ( and Improbable Games and other industry leading producers that may be joining the team (see the proposal below).

'The U.N Decade on Restoration' will be launching June 5ththis 2020. Our concept is to host online concerts with the world's best loved artists in order to raise funds for each of The Decade's Ecosystem restoration projects. Our plan makes use of volumetric capture stages and the latest massive multiplayer environmental technology by our implimentation partners.


Here is the concept paper, business plan and financial model we have been working on together with lists of household names we can get oboard:


Green Pop's Reforest Festival is an environmental action gathering combining practical ecosystem restoration work like tree-planting, with a full line-up of workshops, talks and activities from sustainability experts. The evenings are filled with campfire sessions, storytelling and music from some of South Africa and the Worlds finest musicians, producers, artists and thought leaders. Here's a short video about the 2019 festival.


Green Pop Tree-E-O, Misha Teasdale has exported the GreenPop Reforest Festival concept before, to other big European festivals but all of them were on the ground experiences where people would dance and plant trees together in real life. We wereare looking to do something similar where we train up a core Reforest Festival UK team and find locations and sponsors for our first festivals in the UK as a way of kickstarting new Green Campuses, amazing parties that restore theland with beautiful indigenous forests and edible forest garden deisigns we develop together. We still feel that this is a great way to establish Green Campuses, in the heart of these food forests, these ecosystems we design and dance into form together. Then the Green Camps will provide accomodation for people to come back to their food forests and also provide a platform for other regenerative programs.

At the begiinning of Misha and I exploring ways to bring Reforest Festival to the UK, we began with talks with Wasing Estate who host the incredible Medicine Festival that brings together tribes from around the world to celebrate with and learn from their deeply valuable cultures. Josh who owns Wasing Estate and his CEO Andrew responded warmly to our propposals and directed us to a disused industrial site on their land that nature is slowly reclaiming. We developed a business model and some basic concept drawings for this Wasing Community Campus together and the team at Wasing are awaiting the first prototype Green Camp structures to be complete so they can come and see them in lieu of starting a project where we can deliver little Reforest Festivals together there. This prototyping process is ongoing but Covid meant we have not been able to progress so we started to explore other opportunities to get busy with all important ecosystem restoration..

We were very fortunate that the head of The Agroforestry Research Trust, Martin Crawford reponded positively to our request to be our expert ecological consultant for the project, consulting with us to design the species matrix and layout for the food forests that we plant together at these festivals, supplying the plants from his incredible proppagation facility in Devon.

We then began talks with our friend and Green Campus team member Robin Collings who is a producer of Glastonbury festival and Boom Town Fair. When we asked Robin if he felt that Glastonbury and Boom Town might be interested in integrating a Reforest Festival program or if he would like to work with us on delivering a reforest fest at Wasing and elsewhere, Robin responded positively and supportively as always but pointed to the fact that no festivals are allowed at the moment because of Covid.


Robin introduced us to his ground-breaking work creating online festivals, Their online festivals have already had millions of people come to see many different world class artists in the wonderful worlds they create for these performances. They have also just won 'Best online Festival' at the digital event awards. Robin and his team are creating incredible computer game like worlds where there are stages where world class artists performing their gigs infront of audiences made up of 3D characters controlled by people at home; abit like World of War Craft or Call of Duty but not about killing thing, it's all about the music and meeting amazing people. This audience of custom Avatars can mingle and communicate with eachother as the microphones and speakers on people's computers at home allow one to communicate with the other avatars that one comes into contact with.

I suggested to Robin and Misha that we work on an online 'Reforest Festival Online' that raises funds for these amazing Reforest Festivals and Ecosystem Restoration Projects to happen on the ground so we could build up a vibe in advance of our hosting reforest festivals together. Misha and Robin liked the idea and Misha told us that The Green Pop Foundation was an official implimentation partner of The United Nations Decade on Restoration. a decade long Un project to restore eco-systems around the world. Misha felt that such a project could be used to raise funds for all of the UN ecosystem restoration projects. We developed a concept paper for this event and The UN Decade on Restoration Communications Secretary of Communicationhas generally endorsed the development of the concept:



Big thanks to Denzyl Fiegelson for supporting development of this concept paper development too BTW!

We are presently drawing up a project budget and a have a few large multinationals with Green fingers that we would like to approach for sponsorship of some first events to helpkeep a perpetual world online where people can come and party at scheduled events with amazing world class artists but also come to see live talks volumetrically captured and broadcast teaching about the importance of ecosystem restoration and how it is our best tool to fight climate change, foot and water shortages, pollution, to provide bio-security, prevent forced mass migration, war etc and also to follow the development of each of the UN ecosystem restoration projects.


I look forwards to giving updates of the development process in the journal here and welcome any-one who would like to collaborate to contact - we are in need of computer game developers, CG artists and designers with experince in MMO Unreal work, Atavism, and other social VR and volumetric capture tech.

Here's to dancing and celebrating life to raise the energy to support the healing of the Earth. Please do follow here and signup for updates.


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Green Campus Delta Powwow No. 1 "I Could Never Go Vegan"


Green Campus Delta is hosting a charity fundraiser and powwow in the Delta Yoga Studio at Sunset on Friday, May 24th at Sunset with:

Watch the sun go down over the sea during a screening of "I Could Never Go Vegan" with a follow up talk & Q&A with the film's maker: James Pickering

A talk by Georgia Pine from the @WaveProjectUK about supporting their mission to aid vulnerable children through surfing and yoga where 50% of the funds from ticket sales for this weekend will be going.

Amazing healthy raw vegan organic seasonal local food from Toni @Feed_Me_Momma

Live beachside music around the fire by @FinneganTui

Guests have the option to join for the Friday evening activities or to join a weekend powow with early morning sea swims, meditation, yoga With Georgia, workshops with James and Finnegan, amazing vegan food with Toni, more yoga, more green juice, more fires, dancing for those who can not dance and sleeping by the sound of the sea.  

Friday Evening - Film Screening and Discussion

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‍Riverwoods Weekend

25th November

The Weekend will begin with a screening of Riverwoods (click the poster to see the trailer) in The Vicar's Hall at Chichester Cathedral with a presentation from the film maker Peter Cairns from Scotland Big Picture all about their incredibly inspiring ecosystem restoration projects in Scotand. Proceeds are being donated to the project's charity which is currently raising funds to reforest The Dark Isle in Invernessshire. The film details how their restoration projects have a massive positive effect on the environment and local communities in scotland and how these inspiring restoration models can be applied anywhere...

We will then head back to Green Camp Ellanore to our eco-domes, cosy around the fire by the sea to spend the rest of the weekend wrapping on about these solutions with a program of Yin Yoga, meditation, healthy vegan food, music and other nature based activities led by the amazing Alex Rogers and the rest of The Green Team. Our focus is on being inspired and supported by positive and working nature based solutions and their people and restoring our own mental and physical health. 

| 90 mins
25th November
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Eating Our Way to Extinction Weekend

25th - 29th February‍

This feature length Documentary has been a labour of love by Otto and Ludo Brockway for the last 8 or so years. Narrated by our Kate Winslet, the film explores the most important, effective and accessible solutions of our time. We look forwards to exploring this with you, the producer of E2E Mark Galvin and some of the E2E team! We are also grouping the leading functional medical and nutritional scientists on the island, some of our absollute favorite artists, herbalists, nature protectors and healers. To book for just the screening and not the whole Yin Yoga retreat click here.

| 90 mins
25th - 29th February‍
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TAWAI - A Voice From The Forest Weekend

28th - 30th April

Tawai is a word the nomadic hunter gatherers of Borneo use to describe the connection they feel to their forest home. In this dreamy, philosophical and sociological look at life: Bruce Parry (of the BBC's Tribe, Amazon & Arctic) embarks on an immersive odyssey to explore the different ways that humans relate to nature and how this influences the way we create our societies. From the forests of the Amazon and Borneo to the River Ganges and Isle of Skye, Tawai is a quest for reconnection, providing a powerful voice from the heart of the forest itself. Bruce will be present for a Q&A after the film and will be at Green Camp Ellanore all weekend for the forest gardening, meditation, music and other options that weekend. See for more info.

| 115mins
28th - 30th April


Misha Teasdale

Reforest Fest Program Director

Delivering Restoration Weekend & Festival in partnership with GreenPop's CEO Misha who is training up the UK team in how to deliver their incredible Reforest Festivals

Robin Collings

Creative Director

Robin is a producer of Glastonbury, Boom Town Fair and now Lost Horizons online festivals. We are very lucky to have him supporting development of both real world and online restoration festival.

Charles Fraser

Founder and general secretary

Charles is the Founder and Director and General Secretary of Green Campus.

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The Green Campus Journal chronicles the latest journal entries from all green team members. Look out for the monthly Green News Show for an in-depth update about what's been going on!

For more articles see the full jounal page

December 7, 2023

Here I tell the story of the people and processes that won the final debate of the 200th aniversary of The Oxford Union on the motion: This House Would Go Vegan. The effort was intended to shine a light on the arguments of Dr. Sailesh Rao and Gerard Wedderburn-Bisshop that insist we must include the Carbon opportunity Cost of deforestation, the carbon that can not be sequestered by forests that are cut down, in the IPCC and therefore national carbon accounting conventions. Including COC in Carbon accounting conventions shows that livestock is responsible for 87% of Global Temperature Change Potential and focusing on fossil fuels is actually speeding up climate change. The event allowed us to meet researchers at Oxford who argue for and against the position and yet we continue our work to find written arguments against the position which was won on the day. We are very Grateful to The Oxford Union for supporting this event and allowing us to use it to shine a light into this all important place. The story follows:

Challenging The Orthodoxy: Is Excluding Carbon Opportunity Cost (COC) from IPCC and therefore National Carbon Accounting fair or lawful?

Including COC in Carbon Accounting conventions shows livestock = 87% of Global Temperature Change Potential. We debated this at The Oxford Union and drew out those who can help our legal case to challenge the lawfulness of present policy. Thank you all who have helped begin this unfolding story!
July 7, 2023

Sharrow Marine Toroidal Props, Silent Light Ships & Friends

Here details an overview of efforts to bring Sharrow Marine's Toroidal Propellers to Silent Yachts, a luxury solar powered yacht design and manufacture yacht company at their e-foil riders event in Mallorca in June 20023. Sharrow's props boast 80% noise reduction and 48% fuel efficiency benefits while Silent Yachts demonstrate infinite range. My effort was to see if I could pay for a custom Sharrow Marine prop for the Silent Yachts and thus extend the latitudes where their incredible solar power train is viable in order to secure a brokerage for these extended markets and of course for these revolutionary propellers.
June 19, 2023
No matter how little you eat and how much you exercize you will not loose body fat if there is too much insulin present. Insulin levels are many times their normal healthy levels due to the environment we live in and thus we become hugely insulin insensitive which causes many health problems and makes losing weight impossible. Here are some resources about the phenomenon and how to remedy this in a healthy vegan way!

How to beat Insulin Insensitivity on a Vegan Diet

No matter how little you eat and how much you exercize you will not loose body fat and the resultant inflammation if there is too much insulin present. Remedy this:
January 25, 2023

Functional Medical Resources

Here are a list of various functional medical organisations and documentary films about their work that, based on my experience, are much more successful schools of medicine for dealing with degenerative disease: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, skin disorders, auto-immune disorders etc. than aleopathic medicine (mainstream medicine). Please review the films, the reviews from some of the world's leading doctors and physicians and see for yourself. NB: we still love the mainstream trauma wards and emergency response teams and support them fully!
October 27, 2021

Reforest Party (aka Restoration Weekends - NB the big ones are timed on the celestial dates not weekends) tickets are on sale at

Reforest Fest UK Tickets on Sale

October 15, 2021

The World Exchange

During coid, The Green Team developed a virtual concert arena with the Glasto organisers that hosts virtual concerts using volumetric capture stages and massive multiplayer environments to raise funds for The UN's to regrow forests and ecosystems all over this blessed planet!
April 15, 2021

Pristine areas in the Amazon and Siberia may expand with animal reintroductions, scientists say.

Just 3% of world’s ecosystems remain intact, study suggests

The researchers suggest reintroducing a small number of important species to some damaged areas, such as elephants or wolves – a move that could restore up to 20% of the world’s land to ecological intactness. Pristine areas in the Amazon and Siberia may expand with animal reintroductions, scientists say.
April 4, 2021

Happy easter everyone - I have updated the Reforest Festival UK Program Page: with a detailed description that describes the story of working to bring Reforest Festival to the UK and how we have been working with The Green Pop team and Glastonbury festival team to develop an online festival concept to raise funds for the UN's Decade on Restoration ecosystem restoration projects.

All updates about this program development will be saved in this program's journal section at the bottom of the page and main Green Campus journal.We are looking for collaborators so please do let me know if you want to get

Lets dance the planet into healing with art and education

Happy Easter with news of efforts to bring Reforest Fest to the UK, UN Restoration Festival online development & more

We have been working with Green Pop Foundation Tree-E-O, Misha Tesdale, on plans to bring their incredible reforest festival to the UK! Green Pop's Reforest Festival is an environmental action gathering combining practical ecosystem restoration work like tree-planting, with a full line-up of workshops, talks and activities from sustainability experts. The evenings are filled with campfire sessions, storytelling and music from some of South Africa and the Worlds finest musicians, producers, artists and thought leaders. Here's a short video about the 2019 festival.

For more articles see the full journal page


Provide for your needs and comforts in ways that are of benefit to you and every other being: or at least do their best to cause as little harm as possible.

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