Deploy. Enjoy. Regenerate.

What is green campus?

Our mission is to create beautiful and inspiring examples of universal symbiosis at Green Campuses and smaller Green Camps around the world so that we deliver on The Four Returns for our member investors: to regenerate (1) Consciousness, (2) Community, (3) Environment and (4) Co-operative economies.

Green Camps are 100% Vegan, OFF GRID, BnB like hotels made from our Green Camp System: a super lightweight, modular, off grid construction set made from a non-toxic algae based composite that our team has developed that allows us to easily set up eco-hotels, event spaces and accommodation without planning permission. We aim set the Green Camps up on lands that our community nominate and vote for with votes that they can earn through investments and contributions.

We aim to provide a safe, fun, inspiring and relaxing space for the Vegan community to come together and explore the far more desirable lifestyle of compassion and the abundance that it affords.

At these Green Campuses we can then deliver our regenerative programs that cultivate highly eco-literate community investors and establish second generation 'regenerative assets' on these commonly owned lands that our communities earn shares in through delivering on the four returns.


What is the green camp system?

The Green Camp System is a modular off grid construction system made from a revolutionary bio-composite derived from Algae that allows for rapid deployment of little off Grid BnBs (Green Camps) or even much larger Green Campus configurations that allow us to deliver our Regenerative Programs.


If you have a peice of land where you would like to work with us to set up a Green Camp or larger Green Campus please fill out the form below.



Our community pool together money, skills and land so that we can deploy new Green Campuses. Community members earn votes for buying green coins (£100 = 1 vote) or they can earn votes by nominating lands or dedicating their services.

When we have pooled enough money to build a new Green Campus our community then vote where to build the new Green Campus and the shareholding of the Green Campus is spread out amongst the community investors accordingly.


regenerative programs

Our programs are designed to deliver on the four returns: to regenerate (1) Consciousness, (2) Community, (3) Environment and (4) Co-operative economies.

Our focus is on education (having fun): training up our community to have very strong spiritual, social, ecological and economic literacy so that we co-create whole systems integrated designs, ecosystem designs for products and services that provide for our needs in a way that has a regenerative environmental footprint: thus we create regenerative assets for the company and it's shareholders and the planet! Read our about page for more.