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We are now working with the Duet 3D opensource CNC Electronics Community & Opensource Lily Pellet Extruder by Recycl3DPrint to totally redesign the CNC electronics hardware for The Green Machine so it can manage the industrial (yet affordable) output of the Lily Pellet extruder. Follow along here!

Founder and general secretary
October 14, 2021
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Hi guys, after an absolute abysmal performance from Dowell 3D, the 3D printing company who built the 3D printer and it's cheapest in class electronics repeatedly failing, offering zero doccumentation, support or example of being able to deal with their many dangerous and illigal products like adults, we have stripped all of their electronics off of the printer (good frame though) and are now working on a total opensource redesign/build of the electronics using the latest state of the art opensource CNC electronics from Duet 3D with their absolutely AMAZING customer support service and Recycl3DPrint who have developed the opensource pellet extruder we are working with and trying to form a partnership with to keep developing and democratising this tech for everyone to benefit from.

Progress is very slow and painful! Trying to undo the many smokingly jankey issues with the setup of the Chinese electronics and replace them with high quality components and the firmware configuration to control it all is taking weeks and you can follow along on the opensource forum at Duet 3D here:

Dowell to Duet Converstion | Forum

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We are trying to form a closer and closer relationship with Recycl3DPrint and Duet 3D so that we develop this large format, low cost, opensource, pellet based, bio-composite 3D printer together to really democratise this technology for the world. When we get the printer working stably together again then we will have a printer that can print in one day what it has taken me 5 months to print using the old Chinese electronics and support, we are talking about 500-1000g per hour and rows of pannels being printed one after another with a printer that can be monitored and controlled remotely, moving onto the next panel if one fails and easily resuming failed prints where they left off. We building to include the functionality that includes: feeding the pellet extruder with recycled materials from domestic packaging, RYCB colours, fireproofing additives and other additives added to the liquid-masterbatch in the hopper and a host of opensource sensors that we can interact with to control the printing. It is a very exciting stage of development!

I will keep updating but watch this space and the almost daily developments on the forum (link above) and find us at The Addit 3D printing conference this month in Bilbao.

Founder and general secretary
Charles is the founder, lead designer and CEO of Green Campus working on systems that provide for all of our needs in a regenerative way.
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