Robin Collings

Creative Director



Robin is a producer of Glastonbury, Boom Town Fair and now Lost Horizons online festivals. We are very lucky to have him supporting development of both real world and online restoration festival. Robin has been nurturing Green Campus over the years helping to direct development so that Green Campus could be a part of the hugely creative world of inclusive festivals. Robin and his team are invited around the world to design the most innovative thematic environments for the worlds most demanding artists and audiences. We are incredibly lucky to have Robin to help show us the ropes of rapid deployment and enjoyment of modular temporary structures so that we can deploy the Green Campuses where they can do the most good and have the best time, not least of all, for artist liaison areas at Glastonbury and the other festivals Robin is a producer for.


Boomtown Festival

Glastonbury Festival
Jan 2008 – Present

Director of Live Operations and Programme
London Pleasure Gardens
“…an unfolding story of extraordinary people, avant-garde art, open-air music, spectacular shows, artisan foods, exotic architecture and inexhaustible entertainments for the Olympic period and beyond…”

Executive Director
Future Tents and Events
Jan 2009 – Aug 2012
Specialising in designing and manufacturing mobile and pop-up architecture.
The 30m Dome, The World's biggest touring dome by Future Tents

Bassline Circus
Sep 2003 – Jan 2011
Touring mid-scale venues and festivals

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