Sabina Skala

Vegan Fitness Program Director



I am hugely passionate about transferring the gym training into outdoors or various sports, and thus helping people/athletes to achieve the maximum of their potential, teach them how to move effectively and stay injury free.


My sports background is kayaking, after I finished competing I started looking at different types of activities. I love outdoors and freedom of various type of movement, whether it is running, climbing, swimming or jumping over things. I am hugely passionate about transferring the gym training into outdoors or various sports, and thus helping people/athletes to achieve the maximum of their potential, teach them how to move effectively and stay injury free. As a strength and conditioning coach I work with a variety of sports, my favourite being developing athletic abilities of so called hybrid athlete. Hybrid athlete is someone who is strong enough, powerful enough and has enough endurance to be good across the board, whilst having resilience to maintain and / or develop their fitness further as the years go. Good example of hybrid athlete would be anyone involved in combat sports (MMA, Boxing, BJJ, as well as Climbing, Gymnastics and many more). As a trainer I have taught seminars on the subject of strength & conditioning in UK and abroad (South Africa, Dubai, Ireland, Holland, Austria), I also presented at BodyPower Expo numerous times, my work featured in Men's Fitness, The Guardian, The Telegraph and PT Magazine. Currently I am based at The Fort Gym in Fulham, London where I work with athletes as well as general public. I also work as a Strength & Conditionig Coach at Balance Sports Physiotherapy Clinic.


Sabina is originally from Poland, at present based in London UK where she work with various pro and amateur athletes.

Over the years Sabina had a great opportunity to train under numerous worlds top Strength and Conditioning Coaches including Mark Twight (Gym Jones) & Mike Mahler (Aggressive Strength) to name a few.

She works with various sports including:

  • MMA athletes
  • BJJ athletes
  • Top male models
  • Military personnel
  • Rugby
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Polo
  • Cricket
  • Climbers
  • Dancers
  • Endurance athletes.

She has presented at national exhibitions (i.e. SFN Expo, BodyPower). Sabina taught coaching workshops worldwide (South Africa, Australia, Dubai, Holland, Ireland, and all over UK) that explore the potential of strength training for athletic development.

Sabina has taught alongside Mike Mahler, Andy Bolton, Brooks Kubik and Dan John. She also works on a regular basis with Balance Sports Injury Physiotherapy Clinic team.

Some of Sabina’s publications can be found in Men’s Fitness and The Guardian, PT Magazine, as well as and

She has appeared as a guest on the legendary Super Human Radio and numerous podcasts.

As a former competitive athlete Sabina strongly believes that each is truly responsible for their performance potential and we are all capable of limitless possibilities when the mind and the correct knowledge are put to work and egos disappear.

Sabina follows vegan diet and was a part of the Plant Based Performance: A Compassionate Approach to Health and Fitness project (The entire profit from this book sales goes directly to the Mercy For Animals charity).

She is featured in Vegan Athletes book. Sabina is a co-author of “X-rated Vegans” Vegan Cook book.


MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach (NSCA Institute of Human Performance)

Gym Jones – Levels 1&2

Andy Bolton, Benedict Magnusson powerlifting seminar

Christian Thibaudeau training seminar

Dmitry Klokov – Olympic weightlifting seminar

UKSCA – speed and agility

UKSCA – Olympic weightlifting

Mike Mahler advanced kettlebells & hormonal optimisation

Joel Jamieson training seminar

Amit Sapir Seminar (First Man to hold the Squat Record in 4 weight classes simultaneously)

Phil Daru – Fight Science Performance Seminar

Adventures and Challenges:

  • 44km Bieszczady Winter Marathon 2019
  • 52km Ultra Bieszczady (mountain Ultra Run) 2018
  • Marathon Des Sables finisher (5 marathons in 6 days in the Sahara Desert, self sufficient) 2018
  • Dartmoor Dreadnought – (carrying 60kg log plus backpack over Dartmoor over 3 days – part of a female team of 3) 2017
  • FanDance – 2 x summer edition (load bearing 16kg backpack) – 24 km SAS selection course in Welsh hills; winter edition – clean fatigue
  • Caesar’s Challenge – 30 Mile Ultra in Aldershot
  • Ran from Guildford to London with Chris Moonfor Charity


  • When I met Sabina I was a hobbyist Jiu – Jitsu player with ambition. She taught me to lift properly, which helped me to develop a power based BJJ game. Alongside lifting, she is responsible for my conditioning and my physical performance, competing in major tournaments throughout the year. We worked together all year around, setting and achieving long term goals. My body shape has changed, my lean muscle is up, my cardio is never questioned in a match and I am m,uch less prone to injury. I trust her methods and know that her personal programming works. Sabina has pushed my body to its limits in a competition camp, but she has taught me even bigger lessons in how to develop strong mind. I have no doubt that Sabina has made me stronger, faster and more powerful. She has also made me more confident, ambitious, lion hearted and focused. Under Sabina’s training I won the World Masters Championship and am one of the highest ranked BJJ athletes in Europe in gi and NoGi. – Leoni Munslow BJJ Black Belt

  • I’ve trained with Sabina for almost 10 years and trust her 100%. The sessions are always challenging and enjoyable without ever becoming repetitive and the results have been very good. She has improved my strength, muscle endurance and aerobic endurance an amazing amount since we started working together as well as help to cure some back pain which I had had for a number of years previously. She is extremely professional in her presentation and demeanour and her knowledge still impresses me even today. I would highly recommend her to anyone. – Will

  • I have been a member of 8 different London gyms over the past twenty years, but have never come across the quality and type of training that Sabina teaches. I can honestly say that I am now far fitter and stronger than I have ever been in my life, and Sabina has changed my whole perception and practise of gym training. Even the knee problem I had from an injury a few years ago has been resolved. What makes Sabina exceptional, I think, is her own inspirational dedication and drive for her own fitness, a dedication which means that her clients always get the most effective and up-to-date techniques for fitness training, but always in a safe and manageable way due to her extensive understanding of body mechanics. Overall, I would rate Sabina the best instructor I have come across in London – Andrew Paterson
    Director, The Really Healthy Company Ltd.

  • (From Balance Physiotherapy Client – James) Graham recommended Sabina Skala – a weight-training expert and trainer to professional MMA erfights into the bargain. Graham forewarned me not to be fooled by Sabina’s appearance – blonde, 55 kgs, lean, fit – as, in his words, “she’ll kill you”! I have to say that he wasn’t far out.Each session can only be described as ‘exquisite pain’ and I quite often have to lie down for an hour when I get home afterwards. Sabina started me off by testing my flexibility, mobility and core strength and from this she was able to assess my capabilities and starting off point. She also asked me what I wanted to achieve. Together we would go through 50 minute sessions of strength training including a cardio’ session. Training includes squats, deadlifts, kettlebell ‘man-makers’ (yes, I know), pull-ups, step-ups, a whole heap of body-weight exercises and rowing.Each session is written down and I have to carry out that program several times a week until the next session and bring a recorded progress report. When I started, my squat was just 40kgs but now I’m up to 90kgs (5kgs more than my body weight). My deadlift was 50kgs and now I’m up to 120kgs. I’m aiming for 1.5 times my body weight for each discipline within the next 6 months. I go right down to my heels with these weights which is something I never dreamed I could do. Sabina, like Graham, has always been careful to increase the load only gradually so as not to cause any further damage to the knee or to cause any other injury to the body. To keep me interested and guessing, she always throws in some new exercise at each session. I like this variety to my training. I’m delighted to say that after 18 months attending Balance, I feel like a new man. At times I feel as though I could leap over a house or pull on an Irish rugby jersey and run out on Landsdowne Road. My injured leg is more stable than it has ever been and I’m virtually pain-free most days. Yes, I still get an odd ‘twinge’ on damp days but that’s arthritis for you. The main thing is that I continue to lead an extremely active life. I swim, dance, cycle, dance, walk lots, dance, lift weights, dance, row and (did I mention it?) – dance! Balance Physiotherapy has changed my life! – James Phillips Swing dancer and fitness enthusiast.

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