Martin Jensen

Chief Technology Officer



Martin and his team used to work at Siemens Wind power designing and building the world's largest wind turbines. They realised that although they were working to save the planet by making clean energy from wind, the massive turbine blades that they were building were made of highly toxic materials that could not be recycled, that were produced and manufactured using materials and processes that harmed the worker and environment. Martin then went back to the drawing board and developed new thermoplastic materials and has been working with global brands (Nike, IKEA, H&M, NASA and others) developing new product streams.

The 100% non-toxic, 100% plant-based thermoplastic resin Martin has developed can replace toxic epoxy resins and when combined with natural fibre re-enforcement, it can replace toxic composites 1 for 1.

Martin has been supporting Green Campus' work with The National Composite Center, The UK National Lab (that has been matching Green Campus' research budget) to conduct tests on the materials so that we can develop material property data sheets that tell us exactly how the materials behave. We have also been working together to develop manufacturing pipelines suitable for our manufacturing needs and so that this technology can be democratically adopted.


Chemical Engineer
Siemens Wind Power
2011 – Sep 2016
Global responsible for qualification and curing of resin systems. Development of analyticalmethods for laboratory and/or daily production use. Global responsible for qualification of glassfabrics.

Adjungated Associate Professor
Aalborg University
2016 – Present

Post. Doc
Aalborg Univeristy
Sep 2011 – Oct 2011
Synthesis of inorganic membranes for desalination of sea water

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