Reforest Fest UK Tickets on Sale

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Reforest Fest Program Director
October 27, 2021
Charles is the founder, lead designer and CEO of Green Campus working on systems that provide for all of our needs in a regenerative way.

Howdie campers, so Reforest Party (aka Restoration Weekends - NB the big ones are timed on the celestial dates not weekends) tickets are on sale at

We have ‘Stay Tickets’ if you wanna come stay in our eco-domes, ‘Day Tickets’ if you just want to come for forest gardening and other restorative programs and the party and ‘Party Tickets’ if you just wanna come partay! From £40 - £200

For booking see:
or email

We have commitments from all mentioned to be involved somehow, exactly how and depends on how well tickets sell so please come help get us dancing commonly owned food forests to restore habitats for our ever more critically endangered wildlife, habitats that include man as the most useful being for rebuilding and remediating soils and regenerating bio-diversity, the most beautiful harmonies and examples the other beings and nature intelligences can co-evolve and co-create with us through: amazing basslines.

We want to do the third weekend of each month (with meditation being a key to build a vibe) and then bigger jams on the celestial alignments, solstices and equinoxes to get back into nature’s riddims.

The dream is to deploy Green Camps and run these reforest parties to establish food forests there and keep track of everyone's contributions and give them shares in the vegan company / trust that owns that land so we reward people with co-ownership of the land for restoring it (and thus increasing it's value).

Anyway keep dreaming and we dance Edens into form to be servants of life and get it all jiggy again. Let me know if you want to promote for us and I'll give you your own code to track your contribs.

Big thanks to @greenpopsa whose Reforest Festivals in South Africa we are being guided by their team to emulate. They are official implementation partners of The UN Decade on Restoration

We are working so that the talks from ecological luminaries, music from the virtuosos, dancers and dreamers will go up onto a virtual stage so everyone can join from around the world. For more on the development of all that see the 🤞

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Reforest Fest Program Director
Delivering Restoration Weekend & Festival in partnership with GreenPop's CEO Misha who is training up the UK team in how to deliver their incredible Reforest Festivals
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