Wasing Community Campus

A community hub for regenerating an industrial zoned land on Wasing Estate. Connected to the beautiful land and Wasing festival.

Wasing, Reading, England RG7 4NG
Price FROM:

This concept is made up of three main areas, each with it's own accommodation category:

  1. The first category is three self accommodating "chalets" with 2x double or twin bedrooms (Z4) joined onto a shared living space with cosy stove and furnishings (Z6 common room) with a full private bathroom and shower area (Z4). These cost £30 per night, per head, in this model. Each of the three chalets sleeps 4 in beds and more around the fire or on a mezzanine level option for the Z6 living area. This configuration is ideal for small families or friends wanting to get out into nature.
  2. The second category is a dormitory or shared accommodation space with 4x double or twin bedrooms (4x Z4), 1 x full bath and shower room (Z4), a bio-kitchen (Z4), a shared living space with central fire (Z8) and an entrance hall for coats, boots and things (Z6). This configuration sleeps 8 in beds and more around the fire. These also cost £30 per head per night. Max capacity is 12 people (comfortably).
  3. The third area is the event space. This is made up of two 10 meter structures (Z6L - Z6 on it's side with some of the middle panels repeated) joined together along their sides to create a 7 meter wide and 10 meter long event class room. There is a space for a male changing room at one end and a female changing room at the other end (2X Z6) with joining shower facilities (Z4s) or a mixed changing room at one end and a ceremonial / domestic space with a central open fire at the other end (z6) with basic kitchen facilities. This space could sleep 20 in a "cub scout" or camp-bed fashion. The rate is £20 per head for this.

These are the basic assumptions:

And here are the basic inputs:

And here are the fixtures and fittings for an ecologically kind experience that provides for all of our basic needs and creature comforts:

At these prices:

The total capital expenditure for such a site would be:

Based on a worse case scenario of an average of 23% occupancy, please find the potential revenues for such a camp in the chart below (in light green) with the sub-totals for two years of operation in bright green. This is revenue before costs and tax.

Worst case scenario of c. 23% occupancy is revenues of £173,008 after less than two years. So the site would pay for it's self in less than a year.

For reference: maximum possible revenue at 100% occupancy and 0% discount is £791,780 after less than two years.

With these operating costs (monthly over two years - Community Camp is 'Camp 3' Highlighted in Green):

Would leave a balance sheet looking like this before tax for the first two years:

BALANCE = £75,517 after costs at 50% revenue sharing



Charles Fraser

Founder and general secretary

Charles is the founder, lead designer and CEO of Green Campus working on systems that provide for all of our needs in a regenerative way.
Wasing Community Campus

Book a stay in one of our existing structures or pre-order a stay so that we can raise the funds to build them.

Z8 Chalet

A shared, self catering accommodation space with four private rooms that can be configured as doubles or twins, a provate bathroom and shower, kitchen and large shared living area with furnishings, central fire and green power.

£ 60.00 GBP
Wasing Community Studio

£ 20.00 GBP
Z6 Community Chalet

The ultimate in Green Glamping for your group or family: ideal for groups of 4-8

£ 60.00 GBP

Our focus is on education (having fun): training up our community to have very strong spiritual, social, ecological and economic literacy so that we co-create whole systems integrated designs, ecosystem designs for products and services that provide for our needs in a way that has a regenerative environmental footprint: thus we create regenerative assets for the company and it's shareholders and the planet! Read our about page for more.

Eco-village Design Curriculum

A four - five week residential course with GaiaEducation.org

From £
Restoration Weekend

Come together to party and restore habitats with leading ecological experts and much loved artists.

From £
Vegan Fitness: Hybrid Athlete Weekend

"It is a shame for a one to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable" - Socrates

From £
The World Stage - Development Portal

UN Decade on Restoration endorsed project to deliver persistent online festival to raise funds for The UN Decade on Restoration, ecosystem restoration projects. The World's best loved artists in fun, thematic, social, learning environments.

From £
200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Yogalinda

Become a very stable and flexible being :)

From £
Vegan Permaculture Design Certificate

Learn how to work with nature to provide everything you need in abundance, for free

From £

You see some beautiful things staying with us, all made from our 100% non-toxic, 100% plant-based bio-materials made from Algae and food-waste.

Our Green Camp System and modular subassemblies seek to provide for all of our needs and creature comforts in a way that is beneficial to all life, or, at least harms none.


The Green Campus Journal chronicles the latest journal entries from all green team members. Look out for the monthly Green News Show for an in-depth update about what's been going on!

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