A low cost, open-source, large format, industrial output (3kg / hr+) 3d printer (Additive Manufacture platform) for our bio-composite bio-materials and recycled waste plastics to print The Green Camp System.

Green Campus Ellanore
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Charles Fraser

Founder and general secretary

Charles is the founder, lead designer and CEO of Green Campus working on systems that provide for all of our needs in a regenerative way.

Martin Jensen

Chief Technology Officer

Martin and his team used to work at Siemens Wind power designing and building the world's largest wind turbines from composites. He broke away to develop the 100% non-toxic bio-composites we are using in our Green Camp System.

Sean Singleton

Build Partner

Sean and his team have been supporting with the construction of prototypes, introduction of the bio-materials and 3D printing technology to the marine and composites industry. We are working to set up manufacture together at their HQ at Northshore Boatyard in Itchenor Harbour.

Sinesh Shah

Chief Financial Officer

A strong leader with Board Director and Investment Committee experience of resolving commercial issues and approving investment decisions.

Tony Chignel

Bio-composite development

Tony assisted Green Campus in first winning the deal with Martin to start running tests with his bio-resin.

Simon Rogers

Rogers Advanced Composites

Simon is an expert naval engineer, specifically in the world of composites and he has been very supportive of the development our bio-composites and manufacture.

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The Green Campus Journal chronicles the latest journal entries from all green team members. Look out for the monthly Green News Show for an in-depth update about what's been going on!

October 14, 2021

Hi Campers, this is an update about the very slow but steady progress with the opensource redesign of The Green Machine with resources where you can follow along.

Green Machine Opensource Update

We are now working with the Duet 3D opensource CNC Electronics Community & Opensource Lily Pellet Extruder by Recycl3DPrint to totally redesign the CNC electronics hardware for The Green Machine so it can manage the industrial (yet affordable) output of the Lily Pellet extruder. Follow along here!
August 13, 2021

Herewith an update about development of the low cost, large format, pellet based, bio-composite additive manufacturing platform to print The Green Camp System.

Manufacture Update - August 2021

Things have been incredibly hard for these last few months. I am still encountering many many failures but the net result is progress in the direction that I am working towards and hopefully soon, when we fix these last few failed parts, we will be where we want to be.
May 25, 2021

More panel progress

I am happy to say that after five years of trying, I’ve finally managed to produce a very strong, full scale outdoor construction panel made from our 100%: non-toxic, plant-based, recyclable, biodegradable biocomposites. Thanks to allthe supporters of our crowdfunding campaign I was able to put together “The Green manufacture System (a large format 3-D printer) and test various different methods for extruding the biomaterials that we have developed with our sponsors.
March 4, 2021

Here is a report on the first test print of a full scale panel (although devided into quarters) using our prototype "Green Manufacture System"

First Full Scale Prototype Panel

Here is a report on the first test print of a full scale panel (although devided into quarters) using our prototype "Green Manufacture System"
February 24, 2021

Prototype Green Manufacture System Assembly

The Prototype "Green Manufacture System", a massive 3D printer, was too big for the garage at Green Campus Ellanore soo we have made a quick workaround...‍ Here's a timelapse video and summary.

Provide for your needs and comforts in ways that are of benefit to you and every other being: or at least do their best to cause as little harm as possible.

UPM Formi Biocomposite Pellets for 3D printing

99% bio-based biocomposite for 3D printing. A PLA like product with wood celulose fibre re-enforcement. UPM Formi biocomposite has high performance qualities with lower carbon footprint than fossil-based materials. The biocomposite combines mouldability of plastics and strength and sustainability of wood. Compared with traditional oil-based plastic, it reduces the product’s carbon emission by -50 %. It is a cost- and resource-efficient alternative for reducing the environmental impact of products.

£ 10.00 GBP
Pond Biocomposite Resin for Natural Fibres (1m felt roll)

Resin comes in felt rolls. Lay up this 100% non-toxic biocomposite resin in sheets between the layers of fibre re-enforcement (FLax, Jute, Hemp etc). Recommend 50-50 fibre to resin. Sold in rolls of 10metres minimum. 10% discount for 100 meters and so on. 100% non-toxic, 100% plant based, Tg of 140C, Strength 108MPA (with natural fibre), Stiffness 40GPa (Young's modulus)

£ 10.00 GBP