What is the Green Camp System?

The Green Camp system is a modular geodesic construction system formed out of a revolutionary, 100% non-toxic bio-composite that is made from Algae that we have been developing with composite engineers who build the massive wind Turbines for Siemens.

The Green Camp structures are four different sized pine cone shaped geodesic domes, Zonehedral domes, knows as Zomes: Zome 4, Zome 6, Zome 8 and Zome 12 that each has the respective number of sides at which point these structures can join together.

The structures can also be set on their side extended into tunnels as long as is desired, and then stacked, if so desired.

The panels come in either pure resin (translucent) or with natural fiber re-enforcement. The Green Camp System can come with an extra layer of insulation that creates an airgap which can be stuffed with insulation and

The Green Camp System is a platform onto which other Green Systems can be mounted: embedded solar panels.

The Green Camp System and the Green Campuses that we build with them are a self sustaining business model that allows us to demonstrate the incredible strength, beauty, ease of manufacture and mechanical properties of these new materials. As you can see from our top of the line Financial Models (create.green/finance) the Green Campuses are relatively economical to set up and are very profitable even at very low operating capacities.

Our plan is to use the profits from the Green Campuses to keep testing and developing these materials with the National Composites Centre, The UK Government composites laboratory so that we can have a very deep body of data of how the materials behave so that we can continue to introduce these materials into the market as a distributor for the main lab developing various certified products for market. The great thing about using these materials for The Green Camp System is that we can showcase their strength, weathering durability and how easy they are to work with and because we are using the strongest geometries found in nature that are basically wind-proof, we are doing so in a very safe, ecological and profitable way.

Part of our finance goals are to finance studies of how the materials behave in situations whose results would allow for these materials to be used in the construction of boat cabins, plane cabins and then car-parts and planes and boats themselves.

Our vision is that people can come to Green Campus, perhaps join one of our Planet Before Profit Co-working Retreats (create.green/work), and work with us to develop our materials (and other recipes) in some truly inspiring architecture, vehicles and more. We are also hope to collate, build on and reproduce all of our research with other organisations using a revolutionary research platform from one of our partner organisations: MyIRE.com, a revolutionary research platform, that goes a long way to solving the reproducibility problem in science.


Zomes are sleek, light filled, and compelling. Growing spaces or pop-up infrastructure never looked so good.

It's quick and easy to assemble

It is really easy to build one of our Green Camp Structures! The box unfolds to become the floor and the panels bolt together. You can build the build the structures very easily and quickly.

It's economical

The cradle to cradle manufacture pipeline of the Zomes has been designed to create a modular shelter system that is as versatile, as efficient and as economically accessible as possible. We don't just provide shelter, we provide a universally harmonic, self replicating space that can grow with your understanding of how to co-create with nature.

It is made from Algae!

The Green Camp System is made from a revolutionary 100% bio-composite made from starch, ideally from Algae, but it can also be made from other plant based sources of starch. From production through to process, manufacture, assembly, recycling or disposal: the cradle to cradle product life cycle of these revo