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The Best Audiobooks Ever Made, deepening our connection to nature and her values: The Lord of The Rings, full production Audiobooks and The Jungle Book, coming soon!

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I discovered the Lord of The Rings Trilogy audiobook by Phil Dragash when I was looking to brush up on my rather tardy lack of literacy. I completed the full 48 hour production thinking that it was an official production from either Wingnut Films or Park Road Post and was an official licensed product from The Tolkien Estate, Harper Collins or New Line Cinema. I was amazed when I found out that this was a labour of lab created by just one amazing artist:

Phil had spent three years completing The Lord of The Rings Audiobook by himself. He calls his audiobooks, ‘Full Production Audiobooks’ because they are indeed, incredibly full productions, including: The Full score from Howard Shore, incredible sound design and sound effects that Phil had created himself, character performances drawing on those established by the actors in Peter Jackson's Lord the rings, but again, all performed and sound engineered by Phil himself — the acoustic environments and foley that Phil created and continues to create in his new Jungle Book production (coming soon), are the best that I have ever come across, in any audio storytelling medium. 

Here's one of my favorite chapters as a taster:

I managed to get in touch with Phil by writing my praises to him on Twitter and offered to help him in any way I could suggesting that we write to the license holders of the trilogy and try and get this audiobook licensed for sale to support The Tolkien Estate, The Franchise whose work is used, this new art-form and Phil! We created a company, Roote and Twigg Ltd, and made a pitch booklet for Mark Ordesky, one of the executive producers of the New Line Cinema, Lord of The Rings films.

You can access the full trilogy for free here:

After some months where we heard nothing back from any of the routes to Mr. Ordesky, Wingnut any of the other people involved in the production of the films we reached out to, so we decided that we would let Phils work be a showcase of what is possible and instead focus on producing inspiring stories that are in the public domain.

We chose to do the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling which was written well over 100 years ago and is therefore in the public domain. Phil has spent the last couple of years working on the short stories that for both the first and second Jungle Book and those will be available for sale soon!

In the meantime the SoundCloud channel that I created for Phil so that people could stream the Lord of the rings full production audiobook is getting over 30,000 lessons a month. We are very much looking forward to the release of Phil's first of the stories from the jungle books and hope they connect audiences to the wonder of nature and fellowship with her values in the same way as Tolkien with his master works.


Phil Dragash

Director - Root and Twig Ltd

Phil is the Director and founder of a Root and twig Ltd which is acting as the studio to continue his incredible full production audiobooks.

Charles Fraser

Founder and general secretary

Charles is the founder, lead designer and CEO of Green Campus working on systems that provide for all of our needs in a regenerative way.

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Post by
Phil Dragash
June 14, 2022

Lord of The Rings Full Production Audiobook

The full 72 hour production of the Lord of The Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien, created by Phil Dragash and his company region Twigg Ltd that we are supporting can be found by clicking the little green button below. Look out for future titles coming soon!

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