What is green campus?

We deliver Green Campuses and smaller Green Camps around the world so that we deliver on The Four Returns for our member investors: to regenerate (1) Consciousness, (2) Community, (3) Environment and (4) Co-operative economies.

Green Camps are 100% Vegan, OFF GRID, BnB like hotels made from our Green Camp System: a super lightweight, low cost, modular, off grid construction set made using a revolutionary 3D printing technology from a 100% non-toxic algae based bio-composite that our team have developed.

The Green Camp System allows us to easily set up of grid eco-hotels, event spaces and accommodation in beautiful places without needing planning permission. This pays the mortgage on the land and increases the value of these land assets for our vegan community land trust and it's member investors. Our programs such as The Eco-village Design Curriculum, establish further second generation regenerative assets.

We aim to provide a safe, fun, inspiring and relaxing space for the Vegan community to come together and explore the far more desirable lifestyle of compassion and the abundance that it affords.

We aim to deliver


to regenerate consciousness

A core focus of our PROGRAMS are to work on the level of consciousness: working to transform the level of awareness of individuals and groups at the fundamental level through meditation to train concentration, stillness and the practice of virtue (see our Vegan Ethical Policy).

Through continued meditation practice one can increase one's level of awareness so that one starts to be able to feel things that one previously thought impossible: for example through continious training one can start to feel the exact shape of one's own skeleton, the shape, texture and temperature of one's own organs and nervous and cardio vascular systems; eventually one can start to become conscious of, to feel, very subtle phenomena.

With these cultivated states of consciousness one's experience of everyday phenomena is also much deeper and much richer so that the every day myracle of creation can be enough to totally satisfy our experience addicted minds always hankering after peak experiences.

When one cultivates consciousness then the transformation is happening at the root level, one is no longer willing or able to hurt others when one sees things as they are and then everything we do is organised around that universally harmonic principle. We feel making peace with one's self is the key to living in universal symbiosis with other beings and so we organise ourselves around this Dhamma (way out of suffering).

Please see our PROGRAMS pages for more information on how we work to regenerate consciousness and maintain a functional and symbiotic community therefore.

to regenerate coMMUNITY

FIRSTLY: Green Campus is a community owned enterprise. Our community members invest in Green Campus, either financially or through their other contributions to the business and in turn are allowed to vote on where the company sets up new Green Campuses.

People who can not afford to invest in Green Campus can come to Green Campuses and deliver on the four returns to complete share option contracts and earn shares in the company by helping us regenerate CONSCIOUSNESS, COMMUNITY, ENVIRONMENT and CO-OPERATIVE ECONOMIES.

This means if you come for weekend meditation classes regularly (regenerating consciousness), help organise and deliver community events at Green Campus (regenerating community), help grow and maintain the food forest and other ecological assets of the Green Campus (regenerating environment) and you invite your friends down to stay (regenerating co-operative economies), then you can earn shares of ownership of the lands you regenerate.

The equation we are working to create is that you can earn shares of ownership of lands that you help to regenerate and thereby incentivise people with real appreciating assets, for coming to their local Green Campus to deliver on the four returns.

SECONDLY: Whether we are organising Yoga and fitness weekends, or providing a cresh space where local pensioners can look after very young kids while their parents are at work, or running programs to help heal some of the most excluded members of society: we are working to provide a format that allows people to keep coming together and support each-other.


FIRSTLY: Green Campus is a community owned enterprise. Our community members invest in Green Campus, either financially or through their other contributions to the business and in turn are allowed to vote on where the company sets up new Green Campuses.


Green Campus works to research, explore and demonstrate inspiring and desirable ways of living that are universally symbiotic: that are of benefit to (or at least do not harm) other forms of life.

Every product or service that we offer is working to be produced and delivered in a way that has a positive environmental footprint and regenerates whatever we come into contact with (delivering on the four returns). We work to design a cradle to cradle product life-cycle that works in conscious co-creation with the other beings.