Asha Community Campus, Tuscany, Italy

At pitch stage of development of a Green Campus at Asha Community

Tuscany, Italy
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Green Campus Meeting Minutes

Tuesday December 8th 2020

Anthony Dunkley

Michal Piasecki

Charles Fraser

ASHA community Southern Tuscany -

Model of community like Ubud and Findhorn. Loose but purposeful. Gathering more people, leading by invitation and example.

Are exploring creation of a "mini village" of between 12 and 20 dwellings.

Want to bring people in to occupy those places and are already bringing people into to occupy a range of dwellings in and around the locality.

They won’t get their permissions till zoning laws change in July. 25,000sq feet above ground 18,000 underground (each unit?)

Anthony’s main company is alchemy of breath

Breathwork can help reduce symptoms associated with anxiety, depression insomnia, PTSD, and ADD.

Anthony / ASHA and Michal Piasecki have come together to develop this campus

Michael is an architect - but specialises in smaller scale installations, furniture, combined with parametric design, computational design. Recently shifted towards meditation and breath-work and moved into ASHA. A month and a half ago finished the journey to become a breath-work facilitator. 


1. Michael wonders if Charlie has met someone at FabLabs in London. He could help to introduce them to help with with Robot printer and XYZ printer development

2. Weekly scrum meeting to establish a backlog Tuesday .....


Michal Piasecki

Asha Campus Director

Michal is a parametric designer and an entrepreneur fascinated by potential intersections of algorithmically generated design, distributed digital manufacturing and internet of things.

Anthony Dunkley

Asha Campus Project Director

I am the founder of Alchemy of Breath. We apply breath practices to empower, elevate, inspire and train key leaders to co-create solutions for a better world.
Asha Community Campus, Tuscany, Italy

Book a stay in one of our existing structures or pre-order a stay so that we can raise the funds to build them.

No accomodation units have been defined yet, check back later ;O,

Our focus is on education (having fun): training up our community to have very strong spiritual, social, ecological and economic literacy so that we co-create whole systems integrated designs, ecosystem designs for products and services that provide for our needs in a way that has a regenerative environmental footprint: thus we create regenerative assets for the company and it's shareholders and the planet! Read our about page for more.

Programs are still being defined, please check back later ;O,

You see some beautiful things staying with us, all made from our 100% non-toxic, 100% plant-based bio-materials made from Algae and food-waste.

Our Green Camp System and modular subassemblies seek to provide for all of our needs and creature comforts in a way that is beneficial to all life, or, at least harms none.

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