Mark Galvin

CEO - World Preservation Foundation



World Preservation Foundation, whose objective is to collect and present the most pertinent and compelling scientific studies and reports, clearly showing how animal agriculture (meat, fish and dairy) is not only the leading cause of climate change, biodiversity loss, food and water security, but through adopting a plant-based organic food system all of these urgent issues can be halted and reversed.

WPF has a new campaign which is raising funds from vegan restaurants who join the campaign, donating $0.15 from each plate of food sold towards the campaigns reforestation projects. WPF and Green Campus are exploring options to deploy Green Campuses so that Vegan permaculture can be taught to communities to design agro-forestry systems and then harvest and manage them as the most bio-diverse and therefore bio-secure and over-yielding food and materials production yet known. WPFs reports and intelligence are the best of their kind as they are the easiest to consume such vast ammounts of the most statistically relevant data with regards to the what is the most expedient solutions to keep us all alive.

Mark is also distributor of Vegan analog meat and dairy products in Wholefoods and mainstream food outlets.

Mark is also global distributor for Hippocrates Health Institute with whom Green Campus has long hoped to develop remedial nutrition programs for degenerative disease.

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