Jonathan Lewis

Vegan Fitness Program Leader



Jonathan Lewis – is a healh professional specialising in breathing and movement practices, physical conditioning, massage and end-stage rehabilitation. Jonathan encourages his clients to view their physical training, recovery and rehabilitation from a wider perspective. He welcomes the opportunity to help you cultivate wellness practices and habits to give you greater resilience, health and well-being.


Breathing and moving

Good movement habits are essential to our mental and emotional well-being as well as our physical performance and health. Unfortunately, as a population we are less connected to our movement than ever before. The impact of this is huge. Not only does it shorten our health span, but it also effects how well we recover from injury and illness. Prolonged absence from our favourite activities – sport, dance, martial arts etc is incredibly frustrating.

The day-to-day movement we engage in is often monotonous, unvaried and mainly sedentary. For those who are physically active movement is narrowly focussed on only a few specific activities we participate in. The solution is not complicated it is simple and requires no new knowledge. But it does require greater awareness, proper attention to your movement habits and disciplined practice.

Jonathan’s sessions emphasise the absolute necessity of good daily movement habits to achieve good health; the benefits of a movement practise to increase awareness, develop better breathing patterns, develop better accuracy and fluidity of movement; and how to deal with the obstacles to progression and performance. The obstacles will become even more apparent as we move better and more frequently.

The intention is to build and maintain a strong foundation from which clients can then perform their chosen activities with more flow, confidence and increased resilience.

Whether your interested in health and fitness, offsetting the stresses of modern city living or improving your performance in any activity – from surfing to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu -the fundamentals of being a healthy human remain the same. So irrespective of the activities we select for your training sessions – ground or standing movement/ joint mobility practice, stick drills, strength and conditioning utilising bodyweight, kettlebell, sandbag or CrossCore180 (rotational suspension) a strong emphasis is placed on movement accuracy, breathing and mindful execution.

Using BlackRoll or Trigger Point Therapy tools, foam rollers and all manner of other self-massage tools Jonathan also teaches effective self-myofascial compression and release techniques. These are used  to enhance recovery and regeneration, prepare for practice and competition, and overcome obstacles to rehab and physical training that arise from excessive tension in the body. Position, breather, move.

Once good movement is possible training with intensity is far more effective: strength, speed, power, endurance, flexibility, agility, balance and performance is enhanced.

Jonathan’s holds a strong belief in empowering his clients to take better care of themselves, develop greater knowledge and cultivate the resilience to maintain their own health and well being.

Jonathan is one of Balance Performance’s founders and directors (2001). He has a special interest in wellness practices, rituals, habits and behaviours. All of which contribute to a long span of health and resilience to illness and injury when it occurs.

Jonathan’s professional experience in performance, mental and physical resilience began in 1989 as a Royal Marine Commando. He became a physiotherapist in 1996 and has been continually cultivating his practice – personal and professional – since then.

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