Casal Project Director



João is a vibrant heart from Portugal and a world citizen. He has a free spirit that loves traveling and that is eager to experience our planet and its people. After graduating from Civil Engineering, Joao decided to follow his heart which led him to different countries in Africa where he has worked during the last 15 years in international cooperation, humanitarian aid and community engagement in nature conservation. His service to humanity and nature has allowed him to see innermost places, diving into different cultures and experience the wonders of our wild planet. Either by bike, motorbike or sailboat, he is always ready when the adventure comes. João is not only enthusiastic about the external world, but he is also concern about philosophy and spirituality. He is a practitioner of Vipassana and bioenergy.

Having a witty and visionary mind has supported João to bring ideas that can contribute to the wellbeing of communities. Therefore, he has put his energy and loving intention into his ancestors' land in Casal dos Bufos (Portugal), to regenerate the ecosystem, implement respectful agriculture and create spaces where the community can gather to share, celebrate and grow. Additionally, he currently works for Rewilding Europe and as a private consultant to manage eco-project on a larger scale.

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