Wasing Wedding Accommodation

Five star accommodation for guests of Wasing's wedding celebrations. This self contained unit provides a unique eco-luxury experience for 8 or more adults to enjoy the special occasion in style.

Wasing, Reading, England RG7 4NG
Price FROM:

The concept is to provide for the highest end of guests and create a really special venue for friends and family at a wedding, somewhere beautiful on Wasing estate. Any configuration of The Green Camp System can have this, highest level of interior design applied to it, and can therefore charge this higher end of the spectrum. This configuration is an example of how much can be done while minimising initial input costs however.

This "wedding accommodation configuration is made up of four private, double (or twin) rooms (Z6) with their own private ensuite bathrooms (Z4) that join onto a fantastic and enormous shared living space (Z1) furnished with exquisite furniture designed by some of the world's most advanced designers (see related products below), grounded by the central fire and location, surrounded by stunning nature in a secluded and private spot at Wasing. There is also a small kitchen for self catering and an entrance area for hanging coats etc. A dedicated solar rig (more expensive but an option if we don't want to plug onto Ecotricity's grid) provides green power and heating. Here we provide all the incredible space a party of people need to relax and make their special celebration or event truly special.

The price per head is modelled £120 and the capacity is for 8 people but there is also room for another 8 however that is not modelled here to leave space for the guests.


Internal fittings and fixtures:

At these prices:

Therefore the total Capital expenditure for such a site would be:

Based on a worse case scenario of an average of 24% occupancy, please find the potential revenues for such a camp in the chart below (in light green) with the sub-totals for under two years of operation in bright green. This is revenue before costs and tax.

Worst case scenario of c. 23% occupancy is revenues of £108,497 after less than two years. So the site would pay for it's self in less than a year.

For reference: maximum possible revenue at 100% occupancy and 0% discount is £451,400 after less than two years.

With these monthly operating costs (based on a model of hiring a cleaner (Camp Manager) to meet guests and clean up after them with all eco-products, managing laundry, making beds and resetting rooms (daily) and careful grounds maintenance.

Leaves a balance sheet looking like this before tax for the first two years:

BALANCE = £54,582 after costs (including 50% revenue sharing with landowner).
NB: For the revenue share to be at these levels (50%) the land owner would need to be invested in the camp taking at least half the risk.



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Wasing Wedding Accommodation

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Z1 Chalet

Wedding accommodation in style! Suitable for up to 6 couples.

£ 120.00 GBP

Our focus is on education (having fun): training up our community to have very strong spiritual, social, ecological and economic literacy so that we co-create whole systems integrated designs, ecosystem designs for products and services that provide for our needs in a way that has a regenerative environmental footprint: thus we create regenerative assets for the company and it's shareholders and the planet! Read our about page for more.

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From £

You see some beautiful things staying with us, all made from our 100% non-toxic, 100% plant-based bio-materials made from Algae and food-waste.

Our Green Camp System and modular subassemblies seek to provide for all of our needs and creature comforts in a way that is beneficial to all life, or, at least harms none.

Tree bed

£ 10,000.00 GBP
Tree table

£ 5,000.00 GBP
Cloud Chair

£ 400.00 GBP
Cloud sofa

Bone chair

£ 2,000.00 GBP

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